Chicago based guitarist/singer/composer Harry Hmura has released his new CD entitled, “All I Need.” Typical of his unwavering creative standards, its a sizzling amalgam of well crafted songs, prodigious chops, and soul drenched vocals. From the opening strains of the title tune, the listener is treated to a riveting mix of moods as Harry unleashes a torrent of juke joint tested solos and an effusion of harmonic lyricism. Aficionados of canyon deep grooves will savor the smoldering “Must Be A Sign” and the cautionary cooker “Stay Home.” “Amazing Hot Places is a high octane fusion romp. Harry’s high flying guitar takes you on an extra terrestrial voyage to the far reaches of Alpha Centauri then safely back to earth again. On the contemplative side, check out the bitter sweet ballad, “Dream Blue.”Nothing soothes the soul better than the aching lament of a slow blues solo. “All I Need” is more than just a pyrotechnical demonstration of finger snapping, hip shaking rockin’ blues, it is the latest chapter in the vaunted evolution of the Chicago blues scene. Harry Hmura is keeping those legendary fires burning. Larry LeKool Hollowell – WJCD Norfolk, VA